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9 Tips for Maintaining

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Warning! Always turn off the electrical power supply, the manual gas valve and the manual control valve whenever servicing the unit. The water heater should be checked by a Properly Trained Technician once a year. The following items should be checked each inspection:


1) The area around the Rinnai unit should be free from combustible materials such as cloth, vegetation and building materials.

2) Check burners for presence of foreign debris, insects or bugs. These items are not covered by the unit’s warranty.

3) Remove and clean the inlet water filter.

4) Keep the appliance area clear and free from combustible materials, gasoline, and other flammable vapors and liquids.

5) Do not obstruct flow of combustion and ventilation air.


The water heater should be cleaned annually. Keep the water heater clear of dust and debris especially in and around burner. Cleaning procedures for the water heaters are as follows:

1) Turn off and disconnect electrical power. Allow to cool for one hour.

2) Remove the Front Panel by removing screws. See parts breakdown on panels.

3) Use pressurized air to remove dust from around main burner.

4) Use soft dry cloth to wipe cabinet.

Source: Rinnai America. 2016.

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