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“Very thorough and very professional, used a lot of technology and knew what they were doing”

Ben T.

June 2019

“Couldn’t have asked for a more thorough report. Delivered it on the same day. Definitely recommend them”

Greg K.

June 2019

“I called yesterday to find a last minute inspector. Inspect it like a girl went out the same day! Excellent customer service!”

Jessica A.

June 2019

“The Inspect It Like A Girl team is awesome. They made scheduling and rescheduling my appointment a breeze. Anna did a wonderful job reviewing everything that she found that needed attention. I also love the simplicity of the return and how easy it is to select the items that we wanted repaired or replace and send the request right from the site. I highly recommend getting Inspect It Like A Girl!”

NiKesha H.

June 2019

“2nd time using Inspect It Like A Girl® and I would recommend them to anyone. Very thorough inspection, detailed report, upfront and completely honest about every aspect. On top of all that very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Top of the line company.”

Jonathan Y.

April 2019

“The Inspect It Like A Girl® experience was top notch start to finish! Scheduling was quick and easy and they were willing to time it so I could be at the review right after work. The inspector was very professional and friendly, she did an extremely thorough job which I really appreciated! The site is really easy to navigate and makes communication with all parties very easy. Can’t recommend them enough.”

Kasee C.

April 2019

“Absolutely excellent and completely professional. I am nearing one year in a new construction home and had some concerns. One potential issue I had mentioned to my builder months ago was a feeling the pipes on my roof needed to be glued down better. Sure enough, Inspect It Like A Girl® noted my heater flue sleeves appeared to have pulled up from the roof boot. And I have signs of leaking in my attic from my hvac flue!! They also found several potential problems with suggestions on how to correct them. That tells me I was right to get the second builder warranty inspection done by this company. The guy who did the initial was a little too friendly with the builder. Therefore, I needed an unbiased view. I would recommend Inspect It Like A Girl® to any and everyone with concerns about their home!! It’s well worth it!! …And the ladies were kind enough to listen to and answer all of my questions with expert opinions! I’m so glad they came!!!”

Felicia W.

April 2019

“They were so professional and knew what they were talking about! They inspected every little detail! Customer service was great! I highly recommend this company!”

Taylor H.

April 2019

“I have never written a review because frankly very few companies or service exceeds my expectations. Inspect It Like A Girl® is the exception. From the scheduling of the inspection to the actual inspection, the customer service was amazing. Our inspector, Haley, was extremely thorough. She was very patient and went through her findings in a manner that was easy to understand. It was clear to me that Haley has superior training and expertise in areas regarding HVAC, electrical, plumbing and structural issues. Thank you and I will recommend Inspect It Like A Girl® to anyone who needs a home inspection in the future.”

Rebekah M.

December 2017

“This company knows what they are doing. They are helpful and informative. They care about the customer and put you first. She went above and beyond to help us and make sure we were covered. Will always use them and suggest them in the future.”

John Smith

November 2017

“Fabulous group of hard working girls. Enjoyed working with Pam and her team.”

Kathy Ellis

October 2017

“Pam is one of the most through home inspectors that I have ever known. She is extremely detailed, and takes a lot of pride in the service she provides her clients.”

Patrick Gloer

October 2017

“Our realtor, Margaret Derryberry, ReMax Alliance/Brandon MS (awesome!)  said we’d be happy with our choosing “Inspect it Like A Girl®” and WE ARE! Pam was able to inspect within 3 working days, and provided a detailed, thorough Inspection Report early that afternoon. QUICK!

The 38-page report is organized (table of contents!), includes 1-3 photos of each issue/concern, an assessment, and recommended course of action: (1) drainage issue: trim hedges, add downspout extensions, correct gutter angle (2) hairline crack in patio: consult engineer if crack exceeds 1/4″ (3) water heater: shows signs of end-of-life and missing drip pan; recommend replacement to avoid water damage to home. forgot to mention…reasonably priced…WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND “INSPECT IT LIKE A GIRL®”

Claire M.

August 2017

“Very pleased with my experience with Inspect It Like A Girl®. Quick scheduling, thorough report, professional presentation that is easy to read and easily available online with clear recommendations for repair and suggestions for general maintenance. Efficient, Friendly, Knowledgeable and Helpful! I feel educated and confident about the condition of my soon to be new house. I know exactly what I’m walking in to which eases my mind. Thank you! I will definitely call on Inspect It Like A Girl® again when the need arises.”

Beverly Keaton

May 2017

“Very thorough and helpful Very pleasant to deal with!”

Vicki M.

March 2016

“WOW !! What an amazing job Inspect It Like A Girl® does on there inspections. They are so thorough. Definitely to use if needed again. Easy as contact by phone and Internet.”

Wayne C.

December 2015

“As a real estate agent I have used this company 100s of times successfully with my buyers over the years. I can only remember losing one deal and I do not consider it as their fault. The buyer must have wanted out because he got mad because the gas logs weren’t inspected and that was written on their list as an item they specifically DO NOT DO!”

Gas Logs now tested! – Inspect It Like A Girl®

Suzanne M. -- Realtor

November 2015

“Our experience with Inspect It Like A Girl® was truly wonderful. From the moment we requested the inspection to the moment our inspector (Kim) reviewed the findings, it was obvious that this company puts customers first. With our first home-buying experience we waived our right to inspection. Many years and much wisdom later, we knew we wanted to hire the best inspectors in our area for our next home purchase. We chose Inspect It Like A Girl® based on the experiences of our Realtor. I have already recommended this company to friends who are looking to purchase a home, and I will continue to do so. This company is a professionally run business where the inspectors truly have your best interests in mind! Use them!”

Melessa Redditt

October 2015

“Inspected home we are planning to purchase. They came on time, completed the work in the appointed time period and quickly got the report to us.”

Vickie Tennant

August 2015

“Love working with these ladies! Thank you for taking care of my clients!”

Jennifer Barton – Realtor

June 2015

“Inspect it Like A Girl® provided a fantastic experience for my husband and I as first time home buyers! They were very thorough, and provided us with a detailed report, including pictures, promptly after inspecting the home. They also met with us in person to go over every detail and answer our questions as they concluded the inspection. They are extremely professional and very good at what they do!”

Beth H.

February 2015

“These ladies did an exceptional job with our inspection, didn’t miss a thing and actually talked the key points through with us at some length before leaving, emphasizing what was likely most important to us to fix immediately with young children in the house. They were very friendly but also very clear, honest and straightforward.
Their website was very user friendly and multi-faceted–you can log on to see the photos from your inspection, your complete report, your warrantee information, and schedule online appointments easily. Incredible service! Highly recommended!”

Mandy Robbins Smith

July 2015

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“I’ve bought several houses in the Jackson-metro area. I’ve had each house inspected before purchase. Inspect It Like a Girl® was the only company that I thought was worth the money. Very thorough and detailed. Saved me a lot of money in repairs that would have been my responsibility had I not known about before the purchase.”

Mingo T.

April 2019

“I appreciate Inspect It Like A Girl® so much. They were so understanding when I had to reschedule not once, but twice. They weren’t rude at all about me rescheduling. They were very professional despite the inconvenience. The inspector did an awesome job with the inspection. She was very thorough and clearly explained her findings. She addressed all my questions and concerns. I would suggest Inspect It Like A Girl® to anyone that is looking for a company you can trust to do things the right way and like a girl. Inspect It Like A Girl® Rocks!”

Samantha J.

October 2018

“Amazing Experience! Everyone is so professional and knowledgeable! I highly recommend and will always use when inspections are needed!”

Jill C.

May 2018

“Pam shows amazing expertise in home inspection from the foundation to the roof top and everything in between. She is thorough and objective. The inspection is sensibly priced. Also, compliments to Josie for efficiently coordinating the inspection.”

Brenda H.

February 2018

“Better than insurance.  Pam found a HVAC issue that will save us thousands down the road. Even if there was nothing else on the report she gave us, that issue alone was worth the modest cost. Great job.”

Jim C.

February 2018

“Haley did an outstanding and thorough job of my home inspection. I was at the property during the inspection for a spigot repair. Haley took time to speak with me and assisted me with checking the water line while I was there. She even provided a towel for me to remove the silicone I had somehow got all over me. After the inspection, she called and thoroughly went through the report. While going through the report, she double checked items of uncertainty (she had remained at the property while going over the report) and updated the report as necessary. She answered any questions I had and questions she had posed during the report analysis. Pam and Haley communicated well throughout my experience and payment was easy online. Thank you!!!”

Rosemary R.

September 2017

“Prompt, professional, thorough, and friendly. I am utterly satisfied with how informed the inspector was. She sent us our detailed report right on the spot. Highly recommended to anyone who needs a home inspection.”

Holly Rivera

June 2017

“I am a first-time home buyer. I appreciate their easy to use website, easy to communicate with (you can text them!), very friendly & supportive staff, and thorough inspection with easy to review report. I received my report of the inspection in a couple hours to my email. Of course I also heard & saw the inspection report immediately in person when they were finished. I loved the layout of the report. It was easy to read and numbered, very professional and user friendly, with pictures! It was exactly what I expected. And the staff were very engaged and kept in contact with me before and after my appointment. Great service. Appointment time available quickly- not a long wait- next day appointment looked available if I wanted it.”

Veronica W.

April 2016

“The best inspector in the Jackson, MS area. She is the best at what she does and is a wonderful person. If you need an inspector then she is the one to get for the job. You will not be disappointed.”

David M.

April 2017

“We have moved many times and these ladies by far are the most thorough inspectors we have used. I wouldn’t use anyone else!”

Jennifer F.

March 2017

“I was very impressed with IILAG. We are in the process of purchasing a new home and Pam made an already stressful situation a little less stressful. They were extremely friendly and very quick to set up an appointment. Our report we received was VERY thorough. Not only was I impressed, but my husband and father was also amazed with the report. We definitely will use them again in the future. Great job!”

Lindsay J.

September 2016

“Pam performed an inspection on a brand new home that we were buying! She was awesome! She explained everything! The detailed same day report exceeded all of my expectations! Not to mention all of the extras you get! The concierge service, thermal imagine, and free home support were unheard of with the other inspectors I checked in to. They even have a 100 day warranty! They also have awesome customer service! Kaylee at the office was wonderful with helping me set everything up! And it’s all included in your inspection price! I would definitely recommend Inspect It Like A Girl® To Anyone!!!!”

Olympia B.

December 2015

“Pam, Miriam and Kim have been great to work with! Kim did an excellent job with the inspection! The entire process was seamless and we loved booking the inspection through their great website. Highly recommend this company!”

Laughton Crout

November 2015

“IILAG did just that, INSPECTED LIKE A GIRL! My wife and I were very impressed on the very minute details of the report, orderliness, and overall friendliness of the staff. They were very knowledgeable on most home repair subjects and patient. We really appreciate them. Even our realtor was impressed at the detailed report! We will definitely use them again and recommend them to others. Thanks and may God bless yall!”

Jerry J.

October 2015

“Inspect It Like A Girl® is a fantastic company. My husband and I were impressed with their thorough inspection and detailed report. Pam met with us after the inspection and went over every detail with us. They even called a couple days after everything was completed to verify that we didn’t need anything else. Everyone at this company is extremely professional and we will be using them for all of our future inspections.”

K T.

September 2015

“Pam & Miriam went above and beyond with our home inspection! They not only pointed out things that needed attention, but made very helpful suggestions as well. They have since been an amazing resource for repairmen, contractors, etc. I highly recommend INSPECT IT LIKE A GIRL® for ANYONE who is purchasing OR listing a home! They go above and beyond for their clients.”

Marcy F.

January 2015

“Pam’s Inspection (Inspect It Like A Girl®) is an incredible company. They were very responsive. We signed a contract on our home and had to have it inspected so we called Pam. She had a cancellation and was able to fit us in the next day. Within an hour and a half she had viewed every last corner of the house with very good attention to detail. We will be using them again in the future.”

Jason McMaster

April 2014

“Pam and Miriam were outstanding! They were extremely thorough and no part of the house was overlooked. They took pictures of everything they inspected and the report was very detailed. They provided three different versions of the report- one with pictures, one without, and one with key components. The best part is that, almost three years later, we can simply login to the Pam’s Inspections website to view the reports; this has proved very useful. We wanted no surprises in our new house and Pam and Miriam went above and beyond to make sure all of our questions were answered. We will definitely hire them again.”

Lisa Farley

February 2014

“Excellent job. Extremely thorough and the attention to detail was superb. Pam checked every item for proper installation and functionality. The report sent was very easy to navigate. The pictures were precise and clear with arrows clearly showing what the report wording was describing. The report was given to us very quickly and online access was almost immediate. I could not be a happier or more satisfied customer. If you want it done right, do it like a girl!”

Jessica B.

September 2014

Here at Inspect It Like A Girl®, we understand that a home is one of the largest investments you will ever have. Purchasing, selling, and/or remodeling a home can be stressful and time-consuming. When people in the Jackson Metro area hire Inspect It Like A Girl® as their home inspector, they know that they are getting an inspector they can trust to do the job right and give them the information they need.

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