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Critters and Attic Inspections

by | Dec 1, 2016 | Pests & Critters | 0 comments

Why inspect for rodent activity?

Hearing a bump in the night may not be a case for ghostbusters. However, you may need someone to inspect your attic for any rodent activity, i.e. squirrels, raccoons, bats, etc. Even our furry outdoor friends get cold in the winter and they will do whatever it takes to stay warm.

It’s more common than you may think.

It is not uncommon during our inspections to find remnants of winter parties in the attic insulation and crawl space ducting. These are prime areas of rodent gatherings, unbeknownst to most home owners. During these escapades considerable damages can occur. We’ve found piles of raccoon scat, tunnels in blown insulation, urine odors from bat droppings and duct insulation torn away from the metal. We’ve also discovered chewed up wiring, refrigerant line insulation and wood framing. Let’s just say the little rascals are busy while taking up residence in your home!

The problems associated with rodent droppings can be quite significant.

We have heard estimates ranging in the thousands of dollars to remove and repair damaged insulation. There are also many known respiratory problems associated with bats. Our recommendations to homeowners is to not ignore the bump in the night. Contact a licensed home inspector to confirm intrusion and then a pest control operator and/or critter control technician to problem solve entry points and remediate any damages before they become severe.


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